Saving Your Search

Saving a Search

  1. Log into "My Account" and perform your search
  2. When your search results display, select "Save as Preferred Search"
  3. Your search will now be available in "My Account” in "Preferred Searches"

E-mail Notifications

  1. Log into "My Account" and choose "Perferred Searches"
  2. Check the "Mark for Email" box for the corresponding saved search.
  3. You will receive an e-mail when the Library purchases items matching your search

Deleting a Saved Search

  1. Log into "My Account" and choose "Perferred Searches"
  2. Check the "Mark to Remove" box for the corresponding saved search and update your list.

Create Your Lists

Creating a List

  1. Perform your search and select record(s) to add to your list and then select the "Add Checked to My Lists" link
  2. If you are not logged into "My Account", you will be prompted to login. If you are logged in, there will be a drop-down box with an option to "Create a List" or pick from already created lists.
  3. If you "Create a List" you will need to add a List Name and Description before the record(s) are saved to the list. If you selected a previously created list the records will be added to your list upon selecting "Add to My Lists"
  4. Viewing or Deleting a List

    1. Login to "My Account"
    2. Select "My Lists", then select the “List Name” to view the records on your list
    3. Check the "Mark" record(s) box to delete, then select the "Delete Checked" or "Delete All" button to remove a list or lists
    4. To delete item(s) from your list, select the "List Title", then check the "Mark" record(s) box to delete specific items

Renewing Checked Out Items

Most materials can be renewed, with the exception of Course Reserves and materials that have been requested by another library user.

Renewing item(s)

  1. Login to "My Account" to view the materials you have checked out.
  2. Select the items(s) you would like to renew by checking the corresponding box(es) in the "Renew" column and then selecting the "Renew Checked" button
  3. Renew all your checked-out items with the "Renew All" button
  4. If the materials cannot be renewed, you'll see a notification
  5. Check the "Status" column for a new due date or for information on the state of your renewal.

Requesting item(s)

Most materials can be requested, with the exception of Course Reserves and certain media materials.

Place a Request

  1. Search the catalog to find the item(s) you would like to request and select the green "Request" button
  2. If not already logged in, you will be prompted to login to "My Account" to request that the item(s)
  3. After you’ve logged in, verify the item(s) you'd like to request, select your "Pickup Location"
  4. If there are multiple volumes, select the volume(s) you'd like to request

Viewing Request Status

  1. To check the status of your request, login to "My Account", and select the "Holds" link to view a list of your requests
  2. Once the request has been filled and the item is ready for pickup you will receive e-mail notification to your Wright State e-mail account
  3. To pick up your request, bring your Wright1 card with you to the 1st floor Circulation Desk

The University Libraries does not keep a record of your reading history, but there is an opt-in service that allows you to keep a record of the materials you have previously checked out (not including OhioLINK materials).

Activate My Reading History

  1. Log in to "My Account" and select the "My Reading History" link.
  2. Select the Opt-In button and from this point forward when you check out items they will be recorded and will be accessible in "My Reading History".

Remove Items from My Reading History

  1. Login to "My Account" and select the "My Reading History" link.
  2. Check the "Mark" box for the corresponding item(s) and select "Delete Checked", or you can clear your history with the "Delete All" button.

Opting Out of My Reading History

  1. Select "Delete All" to remove all of your stored items
  2. Select the "Opt Out" button. This will stop any items you check out from being stored in "My Account".